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  2. my, my own friends
    hate my guts
    so what? who gives a fuck?

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    Pavement - Range Life


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    Someone should hire this guy to teach marksmanship to police departments across the country… there’d be a lot fewer dead dogs and homeless people, for starters.

    ! posted this article through rawstory yesterday, but reblogging again because its awesome

    Finally a heart warming story about the police and dogs. 



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  6. Why won’t you make up
    your mind?
    Give me a sign!
    Am I wasting my time?
    Living in my head?
    You’ll be sorry when I make
    up mine instead.

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    At the Drive-In- Invalid Litter Dept.

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    cant believe i woke up +2/+2 with deathtouch


  10. grandma take me home
    never take me home
    grandma take me home

    wanna be alone

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